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Green Belarus
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The highest point of Belarus land was considered to be Dzerjinskaya Mountain, 345 meters high.  Well, it can’t be compared with such mountains as, for example, the Karpati or the Caucasus but still there can be found about 25-30 representatives of mountain flora, and almost all of them are rare species, included in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus. more info
Green Belarus
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28.05.2013 |

Open Doors Day in Belarusian country homestays

This time country homestays open their doors to hundreds of tourists, showed their houses, described the services offered, attractions around their B&Bs and of course offered something special to taste. The action involved local tourism administration, craftsmen, folklore groups. more info
05.05.2013 |

The term ‘quest’ is now familiar to homestay owners

In the beginning of May Vidomlya rural settlement hosted an unusual training . The participants got acquainted with an innovative and quiet popular tourist product – questing. Quests are a sort of educational and informative getting one's bearings. After theoretical introduction training participants implemented their knowledge on practical experience: while walking around Vidomlya they defined the key points for a quest, tips and hints, directions. One can say that at the end of the day Vidomlya dwellers already had the first version of quest. more info

Rural life

There still exists rural idyll in Belarus. There you will find what has already been forgotten in most of European countries – it is a real community spirit which still exists in villages, where people live like a big family. Almost every family has a cow, pigs, hens etc – their own small farmstead. And there you can try real organic food which is grown by farmstead owners. more info


There are no sea or high mountains in Belarus but it has something else even more valuable – untouched nature. Belarus is a land of forests, lakes and rivers, blue-eyed land as it is called. More than 30% of its territory is covered with forests and that is what impresses everybody who comes to Belarus – large forest areas and the end cannot be seen. more info


The capital of Belarus, Minsk was founded in 1067. The geographical center of Belarus, center of cultural, business life Minsk is a is an ancient city with rich history.
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Culture and history

Culture of Belarusian people was formed as a result of Belarus being influenced by many cultures such as Russian, Polish, West European, Baltic ones. For centuries there existed together refined culture of nobility and peasants, Christianity and pagan traditions. In whole Belarusian people are famous because of their tolerance. Belarus introduced to the world the first Printer Skarina, the world famous is Belarusian ballet, well known artists, compositors… And still there exist culture of common people. Crafts are still presented in countryside, pagan traditions and ritual have not disappeared.
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Ancient castles and palaces remind us about Belarusian history. Castle-fortresses can be found through all the Europe but if to go from West to East Belarus will be the last place where a castle-fortress can be found. Almost all Belarusian castles and palaces still keep romantic spirit and don’t be surprised to hear a romantic story almost about every palace or castle.
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About classes

In this section you can find some completed variants of package tours over Belarus.

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Welcome to Belarusian farmsteads. It's Your chance to spend fantastic holidays...

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