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Green Belarus
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Famous artist Mark Shagal was born in Belarus. In his pictures you can see people flying over the city, gardens and houses. They were created in London or Paris, but devoted to Vitebsk - Belarusian city, of which Mark Shagal dreamt all his life more info
Green Belarus
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28.05.2013 |

Open Doors Day in Belarusian country homestays

This time country homestays open their doors to hundreds of tourists, showed their houses, described the services offered, attractions around their B&Bs and of course offered something special to taste. The action involved local tourism administration, craftsmen, folklore groups. more info
05.05.2013 |

The term ‘quest’ is now familiar to homestay owners

In the beginning of May Vidomlya rural settlement hosted an unusual training . The participants got acquainted with an innovative and quiet popular tourist product – questing. Quests are a sort of educational and informative getting one's bearings. After theoretical introduction training participants implemented their knowledge on practical experience: while walking around Vidomlya they defined the key points for a quest, tips and hints, directions. One can say that at the end of the day Vidomlya dwellers already had the first version of quest. more info

About us

Dear visitors, the site is a project of Belarusian Agro- and Ecotourism Association “Country Escape”. The idea of rural tourism development has always been around. Although Belarus is the only country in Europe which does not have either access to sea or mountains, it does however possess significant potential for such kind of tourism, namely 20,000 rivers and 10,000 lakes. In addition 36% of its territory is covered by forests and 7% by national parks. Also the Belarusians are known for their hospitality and tolerance. The country has a multitude of villages, which has remained virtually unchanged since the 19th century. So the setting is truly idyllic!

It is hard to imagine anyone in Belarus opposing rural tourism. It will provide supplementary income for rural residents and enable them to improve living conditions. Rural tourism will bring a great deal of benefits for the local authorities and the region as a whole as it will generate additional funds, boost the development of infrastructure and create new jobs. In the nationwide perspective, rural tourism will drive tourism development in the country and alleviate tensions between rural and urban areas. It will provide inexpensive vacationing in environmentally friendly locations for people.
The only thing lacking was an organization which would unite all the interested people and would allow this excellent idea to materialize. To this end the Belarusian Association of Rural and Ecotourism "Country Escape" was set up in November 2002. Hopefully, this date will be considered the official birthday of rural tourism. The NGO was created by employees of «Dududky» rural culture museum, tourism professionals and simply patriots.
The Belarusian Association of Rural and Ecotourism "Country Escape" currently numbers more than 600 members. These are primarily the Belarusians residing in rural areas, willing to muster a new profession and organize a B&B service in their farmsteads. These are people of various ages and occupations: teachers, farmers, economists, pensioners and youth. They are eager to set up their own businesses, ensure better living standards for their families and infuse new life in their villages, which are often on the brink of death.
It is not yet known whether rural tourism will rescue the Belarusian countryside, but it is abundantly clear that the rural Belarus cannot be saved without rural tourism!
Belarus is indeed one of the last European countries to embrace rural tourism. On the one hand this is good as we have a wealth of examples and development models to draw upon. On the other, we are still the last. Thus to catch up with the rest, we’ve got to work hard!
Rural tourism is a noble sort of tourism. We have been travelling this road for years. It is exciting and noble. Join us!
Our web page will furnish you with a great deal of useful and interesting information.
Now we’ve decided to offer it to European tourists. We do hope that you will like our green country and hospitable people. A new section for German-speaking tourists will appear at this place the near future.
Chairman of the Board
Valeria Klitsounova


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Welcome to Belarusian farmsteads. It's Your chance to spend fantastic holidays...

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